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Why choose WordPress

Why choose WordPress?

WordPress powers about one third (32.3%) of the world’s websites. Ranging from smallest personal blogs to the complex sites of corporate companies. Some of the major corporations which use WordPress include Sony, TechCrunch, CNN, New York Times Blog, People Magazine, PlayStation, New York Times Inc., the New York Post and NBC.

WordPress being one of the site builders and Content Management System (CMS) has created unique features. It is endowed such characteristics that enable the user to download and install for free. This is the reason why many people choose WordPress as the most popular website platform for site building and Content Management Systems (CMS).

Reasons Why Choose WordPress

  1. A Simple Host

Approximately new preference is developed by developers and designers for seeking host their website build. For instance, the platform possesses huge dominance in entire web about 60%. In addition, over 65 million websites and blogs (over 29% up to 32.5% of all website populace hosting) are done by WordPress. Almost 500 new websites created every day using WordPress. Hence, this server provides a simple majority in all website hosting.

  1. Flexible and Adaptable for Changing Needs

The world is ever changing and thus every day is presented with changes. The WordPress website has been in there for a long time since time of immemorial. As a result, the website demands a lot of changes from technological innovations and inventions. Hence, the WordPress has maintained a flexible and adaptable needs of highly dynamic field.

  1. User-friendly- Even for Beginners

A range of options are available in this platform of the installation of websites. The WordPress has unique customizable tools which caters for the desires of both the beginner and the professional developer of websites. For instance, it has over 31000 plugins which are already to suit different desires of the individual. There are also about 2600 themes alternatives for use in designing customized and personalized website. These features have prompted many designers and developers who wish to build their websites using WordPress.

  1. WordPress sites Rank High

Most people want their websites to be ranked on top by search engines. The WordPress has tried to solve the issue of traffic creation. This is due to the fact that WordPress is friendly to search engines in areas such as meta tags. The WordPress is designed in such a way it would create identifiable meta tag for each and every object on the website. Hence, this feature enables search engines to rank WordPress websites based on this preference.

  1. WordPress Sites have Built-in Blog

The blogs are created from in built site pages. A number of blogs are created, edited as drafts, stored and published under a unique site page section for blogs.  This portal enables the websites to be more friendly to the user as well as search engines. Some of the content which could be used to boost the SEO enhancement are catered for in the blog section.

  1. Open Source CMS

In relation to database, CMS are usually complex bureaucratic stages. However, open source code has broken the issue of complex procedures. As a result, the simpler code source options are provided by WordPress. This means that original source code is provided to public for alteration. The contribution is made such that designers could customize the original code to suit their needs. Alex Danning is a Digital Marketer who has made unique websites using this feature in marketing tools.

  1. WordPress Sites are Mobile Responsive

Ability of websites to respond to various different screen sizes has been quite interesting tool for hosting and designing websites. Hence, a responsive site is one which would re-adjust its original display size based on the screen used. This is due to major breakthrough in many designs and developments in website engineering. Hence, WordPress is a mobile responsive.

  1. The WordPress Community Offers Support

Additional benefit of using WordPress is the availability of wide base of community support. The challenges faced by both developers and users are posted to community forum which helps to solve the problems. Even though, the question is not answered, the communication are encouraged inside and outside the WordPress forums. The questions are also received by enthusiastic WordPress team and try to answer to them.


In conclusion, the WordPress has remained the best option for so many people for their website builds. As in attribution of WordPress to simple hosting, open source CMS, having built-in blog, customization,mobile responsiveness, user friendliness, flexibility and adaptability. This is why choose WordPress as their alternative website build.

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